10 Best Looks Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas

Peterskitchen – In this article, we will talk about 10 modern looks for your outdoor kitchen and pool ideas.

A pool is a place for people to relax and have fun. It is also a place where people can go to cool off from the heat or enjoy the view of nature.
But it is essential to know that there are many different types of pools, some of which are more suitable for certain activities such as swimming, sunbathing and playing water sports. The outdoor kitchen is one such type of pool.

It is a small room in the backyard where you can cook food and have parties with your friends. There are many different types of outdoor kitchens, but they all have similar features, including many benefits of having an outdoor kitchen in your backyard. You will be able to cook delicious food without spending much time on cooking,

you will be able to entertain your guests while they are having fun at their party without worrying about running out of food, and you will be able to use these facilities when it rains because it is not necessary to open up the roof to deal with the rain. You will be able to enjoy the beautiful views of your backyard garden as well. It doesn’t matter if you have a small or large backyard.

There is always something special about having an outdoor kitchen. What is the Difference Between Outdoor Kitchen and Deck? The main difference between an outdoor kitchen and a deck is that the outdoor kitchen uses natural gas, whereas the deck uses propane. Since many advantages come with both options, it was decided that an outdoor kitchen should be used in gardens and the backyard, whereas a deck can be used in homes. You will also see that different types of decks are used because they have different advantages.

The outdoor kitchen can cook food while it is still warm because you don’t need to use your ovens or grills regularly, unlike a deck that uses propane. However, there are many disadvantages to having an outdoor kitchen, such as when it gets cold.

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Source Fantin

Fantin’s Frame furniture leaves the house and is installed in the garden, thanks to its unique treatment that prevents the formation of rust and makes it highly resistant to outdoor conditions. Different modules and steel worktops can be completed with a gas barbecue, which allows cooking without smoke and in a simple way. There are matching tables and bookcases, in case you want to make the family grow.

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – On Wheels

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Photo : Viadurini

These two kitchen modules from viadurini.es in teak wood and stainless steel are a good choice for terraces and gardens, as its wheels allow you to move it wherever you need it and place it in a shaded area at noon and near the pool at night. In addition, so that you don’t miss the one inside the house, the cooktop can be customized and you can choose an induction, wok or Teppanyaki zone.

Outdoor Kitchen And pool Ideas – An island with an industrial look

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Source : Talenti

The Tikal by Talenti will give a personal touch to your outdoor environment. It moves away from the typical (and classic) image of the usual kitchens, proving that garden furniture can also be designed. Created by architect Nicola De Pellegrini, it has a steel structure treated with special paint and a cement-effect stoneware worktop. As an island, it allows for the creation of a bar area, ideal for an aperitif or to share moments with guests.

Outdoor Kitchen And pool Ideas – A Barbecue

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Source : Ikea

This summer classic is always a good choice for both the garden and the terrace. Ikea’s Grillskär is a charcoal model that will delight expert grillers who prefer fire over gas. Made of stainless steel, it has an integrated thermometer in the lid so you can check the temperature without having to open it and two lower shelves, which are very practical to place everything you need for a perfect barbecue. It can be completed with an island and sink module.

Outdoor Kitchen And pool Ideas – A ‘season’ of cold

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
source : Abimis

Although it is not a kitchen because it has no hob, the Abimis Cooling Station deserves a place on our list, both for its summery color and for what it offers: a refrigerator, an ice dispenser, a sink and two very practical top modules for glasses and bottles. Made of steel, the color can be customized to choose the one that best integrates with the environment.

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – Ideal for a terrace

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Source : Ikea

You don’t have a big garden to have an outdoor kitchen. With this simple charcoal barbecue from Ikea, you can have your grill in any corner and a good storage space to keep the basics to set the table.

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – Complete and Functional

 Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas
Source Kalamazoo

This Kalamazoo proposal lacks nothing, not even a privileged place under the shade of a pergola. A hybrid kitchen so you can surprise your guests every day with different recipes, a sink, storage modules, drawers, and a countertop that provides a very comfortable work surface.

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – Modern Rustic Style

Source : The wow decor

Rustic style has never gone out of style, especially for summer cottages in the countryside, but in recent years modern rustic is making a big splash with designs as beautiful as this one. Integrating metal and contemporary elements into more rustic or stone canvases is a winning mix.

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – Tailor Made

Source : Röshults

The Röshults Open Kitchen range allows you to create the kitchen of your dreams, which adapts to the available space and to your lifestyle and culinary preferences. A compact and minimalist design that you will love not only to enjoy but also to contemplate as a decorative accessory. Find a place in the shade, and ‘voilà.’

Outdoor Kitchen And Pool Ideas – Intregated in table

Source : Pedini

Although it looks like a table, Cook Eat is designed to combine different functions, as it includes a hob, sink, and hood. All in one.

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