5 Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design in 2022

Kitchen is one of the most critical rooms in the house. So a correct design is essential for maximum enjoyment and that its use lasts over time. that’s why peterskitchen will make an article idea for 5 essential Zone For your best kitchen design in 2022

The kitchen is a vital room in any home; it must fit your needs. Do you know what the minimum requirements of a kitchen are? What do you expect your kitchen to have? Here we will give you some tips so that when you have to tell us what kind of kitchen you need, you can do it with full knowledge.

It is best to plan kitchens in a logical order:

  1. Storage
  2. Preparation
  3. Cooking
  4. Cleaning
  5. Waste collection

Let’s go by zones for Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

Storage area: This is the space for storing fresh and non-perishable products. We have to foresee the room for a refrigerator, with a minimum width of 60 cm. and storage areas in high and low furniture and cupboards. The more storage we can generate, the greater the order of the kitchen and its usability.

Food preparation area: A food preparation area must be reserved after the storage area. Its minimum width should be 60 cm -although 120 cm is recommended. This area will be used to prepare the food we selected in the storage area before cooking it.

Cooking zone: The cooking zone must be located immediately after the food preparation zone. A space of 60 cm (recommended) should be provided for the cooking plates (gas, vitroceramic, induction.). In the market, some solutions allow to adjust them to different dimensions of kitchens, as well as a hood for extracting cooking fumes.

Two more zones in your kitchen

Cleaning area: After the cooking area, there should be an area for storing kitchen utensils once they have been used before placing them in the sink and dishwasher. For the dishwasher, it is necessary to leave a hollow of 60 cm in width (although there are those of 45 cm in width) and another space of 60 cm for the placement of the sink (in the case that it is of a sink).

Waste collection area: The waste collection area has been mandatory by law since the entry into force of the Technical Building Code. It can be located under the sink, in recycling bins prepared for separating waste, or in the laundry room or gallery -if they exist- to avoid bad smells.

Your kitchen, in centimeters – Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

Thus, the minimum dimension of a kitchen should have at least space for the refrigerator, the food preparation area, the cooking area, cleaning utensils, and waste collection. That is to say, 240 cm plus the space for the refrigerator gives us 300-360 cm.

In the Community of Valencia, the Design and Quality Standards in force since 2009 establish a minimum bench length of 250 cm plus a space of 60 cm for the refrigerator. And a minimum surface area of 6 m2, a distance between walls of 1.70 m, and a circumference of 120 cm in diameter can be inscribed. Minimum measures that conform to what we have described above.

Minimal kitchen

Therefore, a minimum kitchen could be the following:

5 Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design in 2022
Source : https://quieromi.casa/ – Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

This is what a minimal kitchen with eesential zone for your kitchen design could look like
From the minimum proposal, our kitchen can grow according to your needs:

Dining area: if you like to eat in the kitchen (especially useful when there are children), you have to foresee a location to place a table with its corresponding chairs. A minimum kitchen table for four people can be 70 cm wide and 110 cm long. For a comfortable seating area, at least 70 cm should be left from the edge of the table to the nearest wall, so the minimum dining area should be 210 cm wide. A good solution is to use folding tables, which can be adjusted to fit the diners or to provide round tables, which allow you to adjust the space a little more.

5 Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design in 2022
Kitchen for breakfast or dinner with the family – Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

Suppose we have the possibility of increasing the surface of the kitchen. In that case, we can foresee columns where to place the refrigerator and more storage space, as well as the oven in the queue, so that the bench area is completely clear.

5 Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design in 2022
Appliances in columns give more space on the countertop. – Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

If you are one of those who like to enjoy family or friends while cooking and you have enough space, an “island” is for you. Keep in mind that you will be connected to the living room. What do you think?

5 Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design in 2022
Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design

The island in the kitchen is an exciting resource if space is available.
As for its location, the kitchen is part of the “day area” of a house, so it should be next to the dining room and near the access.

In future blog posts, we will talk about the materials and appliances in a kitchen so that you can design them to your needs. that’s it for Essential Zone for Your best kitchen design . If you are interested for more design, just look at our other kitchen ideas page

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