5 ideas spooky halloween kitchen decor In 2022

Peterskitchen – halloween kitchen decor – Have you already started with the darkest decoration of the year? In this post, we will give you several ideas to decorate the kitchen on Halloween, that space that we often forget on special dates like these. Today, we will talk about 5 ideas spooky halloween kitchen decor in 2022.

On Halloween, we are used to decorating the living room, bedrooms, and entrances of homes, but what about the kitchen? The kitchen is an ideal place to prepare spooky recipes for Halloween, so why not decorate it for the occasion? Indeed the ideas that I bring you today will encourage you to decorate it and achieve an ideal environment for this mysterious time.

1. Door Knobs halloween kitchen decor

5 ideas spooky halloween kitchen decor In 2022
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The kitchen is a room that is used a lot and for this reason, decorating it according to the occasion will be a success. For example, you can put rubber spiders and cobwebs on the kitchen handles to give a much more gloomy look. And you can even replace the doorknob with this one in the shape of a hand you can see in the following photograph. You’ll see how scared your family is!

2. Halloween pumpkins and spider webshalloween kitchen decor

Cobwebs hanging from kitchen shelves, chairs, or lamps are also a good resource, as well as decorating with carved pumpkins with terrible faces and a candle inside the table or counter (you can make it yourself or buy it already). They are done).

In this video, you have step-by-step instructions on making a spooky Halloween pumpkin, although you can also take a look at these pretty painted pumpkins, which are much cuter and less scary.

3.Halloween tableclothshalloween kitchen decor

What if you buy a white tablecloth with red stains as if it were blood? Or if you prefer you can put a black tablecloth and cobwebs on top, it will also give a very dark look. I am sure that on the Internet, you can find cheap models and fun textiles for your kitchen on Halloween like these that we show you here:

4.Halloween wallshalloween kitchen decor

On the walls, you can put fun hats and sinister decorative vinyl with Halloween motifs such as cats, pumpkins, tombs, witches, monsters, etc.

5.Halloween cookieshalloween kitchen decor

Another idea is to cook cookies in the shape of a skull, grave, bats, vampires, severed fingers, or owls or play with fruit by creating pumpkins with tangerines or ghosts with bananas… anything you can think of!

The good thing about cookies is that you can place them on a nice tray to make decorations and also serve as a snack or breakfast.

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