9 kitchen back door ideas that you must check

Peterskitchen – 9 Kitchen Back door Ideas that you must check – The room in the house where the most work is done most of the day is the kitchen, from early in the morning, sometimes until late at night; it is a room with a lot of traffic. Current housing projects have integrated the spaces of the social area, including kitchen, dining room and living room, or just kitchen and dining room, making this integration a room, only separated by the furniture of each area; in these cases, there are no doors that communicate them, they are already integrated.

The access doors to the kitchen can be from sliding swing doors to regular opening doors with their locks; the materials range from glass, with transparency that allows you to see from the outside what you will find when entering the kitchen, to doors that complement the design and decoration of the cabinets In this article, you will see several models of kitchen doors so you can see the variety you can find and analyze your preferences.

Here are the 9 kitchen back door ideas that you must check

  1. Door combined with the kitchen unit
kitchen back door ideas
Source: Arqing

In this spacious kitchen, the central island and furniture, in general, are coordinated for the colour chosen in the decoration. Likewise, the kitchen door was designed similar in the type of material and colour of the furniture. A door that communicates this large kitchen with the rest of the house with enough amplitude to make it comfortable to operate.

2. With natural coloured wood

itchen back door ideas that you must check
Source: Kuche Haus

In the choice of material, wood always brings the warmth of its nature; in this kitchen, in the tops of the drawers, in the furniture and the door, it looks extraordinary. Its texture and colour complement the rest of the soft, neutral colours of the rest of the room in its decoration.

3. The dark wood door and the integrated patio area.

itchen back door ideas that you must check
Source: Adagio Arquitectos

This kitchen will never be hot for those who cook in it, nor for those who accompany them, mainly if they use this small patio integrated into the workspace. The door that communicates with the rest of the house is solid wood, which seals the environment to prevent odours from the kitchen from passing through to the rest. Instead of a window, a good sliding glass door opens the space completely, towards the patio, with auxiliary furniture to have a good time while the mole is ready.

4. Glass framed with metal

Source: Loyola Arquitectos

In this kitchen, the glass doors communicate this room with the outside; it seems that this material of the doors, glass, gives a certain coldness to the kitchen decoration; this detail is counteracted with the ornamental plants, which are placed in pots above the cabinets and on some countertops, share their colour and warmth with the rest of the room.

5. A sliding glass door

Source: Patrizia Azoni Arquitectura

This auxiliary patio or balcony of an apartment is used with a bar and chairs giving utility to this space. The door that connects it is wholly made of glass, so the connection is more practical for using this patio in connection with the kitchen. This transparent sliding door helps the natural lighting and ventilation of the kitchen.

6. White and folding

Source: Inversiones Su Paraiso

This communication of the kitchen is not with the rest of the rooms of the house but with the backyard; in this case, if there are no windows on that wall, the glass door serves to help with the room’s lighting.

7. Semi-transparent

Source: Punch Tad

When the glass door opens onto the patio or terrace, and there is too much sun, or you want to have a little more privacy, a soft fabric curtain or blind in light colours is ideal. In the kitchen, avoid using curtains of thick fabrics and intense colors.

8. Wooden in white color

Source: Ekaterina Donde Design

If your kitchen is small, paint the walls and door the same colour, so it is camouflaged and won’t look like a space-shortening interruption.

9. Let the door be the sign of what lies within\

Source: Churchwood Design

Another idea for your kitchen door, a door with a look that matches the design and decoration of the rest of the furniture in that room. When you see the thick wooden door and country style from the outside before opening it, you know that you will find yourself inside the kitchen; a rustic style in the modern kitchen of the house.

So, that’s it our best kitchen back door ideas that you can implement in your house, Looking for more? just on peterskitchen!

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