Amazing kitchen pass through ideas For Your Home

peterskitchen– There are some items in the house that can be used in a variety of ways. Of them, windows are one. Today we will talk about amazing kitchen pass through ideas for your home.

Having the proper lighting is not just a luxury in the kitchen, which is the ultimate creative zone, but rather a need. An effective strategy to artificial lighting can address the issue when natural light is not an option. However, a kitchen with a window enhances the design further. There is no denying that these apertures add to the room’s utility, but they also enhance its beauty and can even serve more subdued functions, like connecting rooms.

Integral windows in the kitchen, functional L- or U-shaped kitchen designs that are more appealing because of this wall opening, windows in the kitchen that open to the living room… We suggest a tour through the inspiration through roughly twenty great designs in this book of ideas, regardless of the notion or possibilities afforded by the kitchen in your home. Are you prepared to explore everything that your windowed compact kitchen has to offer? Note this!

Here are the Amazing kitchen pass through ideas For Your Home version of Peterskitchen:

  1. Lightweight connections

Amazing kitchen pass through ideas For Your Home
Spurce : Gruopo Inventia

The wall opening that divides this room from the remainder of the living room serves as a window, even though it isn’t officially a kitchen with a window to the living room. This middle ground allows us to connect one side to the other quietly, and even while the kitchen has its own space, it is evident from the outside. The kitchen’s designers also used the opportunity to incorporate a practice.

2. Reminiscent of industry

Source : nterioristas-dimeic-disenadores-y-decoradores-en-madrid

The other example excellently illustrates the idea of a kitchen with a window to the living area. The room’s door and window contribute to the industrial-style structure’s abundance of light coming from both directions. The idea of extending the kitchen to the living room without creating a kitchenette design is resolved by the opening, which is situated in what was the living room’s wall before a significant makeover.

3.Cozy and warm

Source : Nice Home Barcelona

This tiny kitchen has a window that seamlessly fuses materials and colors in the Mediterranean style. The meter tiles modernize this L-shaped kitchen with a window on the back wall. Wood tiles complete a warm, bright atmosphere, and subtle color contrasts with the white of the furniture.

4. Scandinavian inspiration

source : Laia ubia studio

And from Scandinavian style to Mediterranean influences, we finally arrive at this other kitchen with a window over the sink. One of the critical components to the composition’s success is brightness. Oakwood, white walls, dark woodwork, and glass contribute to the composition’s distinctive personality. Similar to the previous instance, the chosen distribution features a kitchen in the shape of an L with a window whose horizontal form helps to express a more incredible feeling of visual amplitude.

5. Fresh and luminous

Source : Studio BMK

The functionality of a design can take many different forms, and in this instance, the experts chose a U-shaped kitchen design with a window. The food processing area connects to the outside, creating ideal circumstances for developing the space’s most realistic character. A very energizing and airy feeling is produced by pairing the walls’ blue with the furnishings’ white.

6. Open spaces

Source : Home & Haus

The fact that both aspects interact is one benefit of choosing open areas. The window in this integrated kitchen is unique in that it serves as a glass wall in the dining area. As a result, the facade itself links to the outside, revealing a contemporary, minimalist, elegant, and lightroom.

7. A white kitchen with windows and an irregular floor plan

Source : Gramil Interiorismo Barcelona

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