10 Basic Kitchen Appliances That You Must Have!

Household products that have revolutionized the way we prepare food, Today We will talk about basic kitchen Appliances that you must have in your home!

The world of cooking was not as automated years ago as it is now. Cooking was labor-intensive for many housewives who spent hours slaving over manual potato mashers, ramekins, and mayonnaise-making implements. Others used ladles and bain-marie to reheat leftovers.

Nowadays, many ingenious household appliances accompany us every day to make life easier and faster. As early as the 11th century B.C., China had an ice store that probably could have evolved into the common household refrigerator. Of course, the German inventor Frederick Alber Winson prepared the first meal on a gas stove in 1802. From this date, more than 200 years ago, kitchen utensils began to proliferate and are now seen as commonplace.

The multi-talented Leonardo da Vinci was one of the most notable creators of these devices. His inventions included bread slicers, meat mincers, and conveyor ovens with wood burning fires. Unheard of back then.

These are some of the Basic kitchen appliances that are most in demand nowadays. Find out where they came from and make a note in case you are missing any.


Basic Kitchen Appliances
source : thermomix

It wasn’t until 1971 that the first one, which top chefs regarded as essential, debuted; initially, it was used to make baby food. One is sold every five minutes in Spain and may be found in 8% of kitchens.

2. KitchenAid

Basic Kitchen Appliances
Source : Kitchenaid

created in 1919 and still manufactured today. kneads, whips, whips, and even minces any product by interchanging its accessories.

3. Vacuum packing machines

The history of the use of vacuum for food preservation dates back to the 18th century, thanks to the system developed by Nicolas Appert. More than 40 years ago, this technique started to be used for cooking food. Today, it is not lacking in industrial kitchens, and at home you can have a Food Saver brand for about 80 euros.

Basic Kitchen Appliances

4. Oven

This is one of the oldest inventions in the history of cooking. The world of ovens was modernized in 1907 when the Frenchman Paul Héroult developed the first electric arc furnace for industrial purposes. Then the invention was domesticated. Now Bosch includes recipes on its panels.

5. Microwave

The first microwave oven began to be marketed in 1947, costing around $5,000 and with large dimensions since it worked by means of the energy generated by water pipes.

6. Refrigerator

It is an essential household appliance and the one that is on 24 hours a day. The first electric refrigerator was built in Chicago in 1913. For years, they were a luxury. Today they are the first appliance that enters a house.

7. Jug Blender

Invented in 1922 by Stephen Poplawski, it was originally used in hospitals where food intake needed to be made easier, and was also used to mix medicines. Even the Oster Versa takes a chance with the masses. 

Source : Ebay

8. Toaster

Source : Philip

Fundamental appliance when waking up in the morning. Its origin dates back to 1900 but it is not until 1919 when the automatic ones appear. Now some brands, such as DeLonghi, make them more attractive with a retro design.

9. Arm blender

Source : lazada

The first blender was invented by Herbert Johnston in 1908. Mind you, this one was fixed and heavy, although hand blades were used. Today the electric mixer is a cheap and fantastic accessory for whipping meringues, creams and creams.

10. Coffee maker

source : philips

Since 1806, the coffee pot has been with us every morning. In our country, we usually drink more than 25 million cups a day. In recent years, espresso machines with single-dose capsules have been all the rage. The invention is due to a French pharmacist who launched Caféolette.

That’s it for the Basic Kitchen Appliances that you must have for your home, interested on more, Read our kitchen appliances in Kitchen appliances section

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