10 Amazing Modern kitchen island with sink Decor Ideas

Peterskitchen – Modern kitchen island with sink Decor Ideas – A home should be made up of the resources that offer the most incredible comfort. The mere fact of installing an island in the kitchen is a solution as functional as it is desirable. That it is something attractive and decorative, it is undoubtedly; after all, we can say that it is a valuable and functional component.

When properly equipping the kitchen, it is essential to have enough space; therefore, we will know 25 kitchens with islands for your home and the most fashionable models so you can get inspired.


On more than one occasion, we have considered having an island in the center of the kitchen. What can it give us? An extensive and considerable surface for daily use or to perform our tasks, it can even be used to get more out of this space and decorate the kitchen with space to work.

There are numerous benefits of having a kitchen island. It is considered an extra surface where, precisely, we can work comfortably and without worrying that the countertop is too small. You can even place the sink and have other internal cabinets to get more storage space. When it comes to the distribution of a kitchen island, it is essential to have a large room that is not narrow.

Therefore, if you are going to buy a house or are thinking of reforming the kitchen, a good recommendation is to incorporate an island into the kitchen; in the end, you will get much profitability, and you will get more functionality.


Before putting an island in the kitchen, it is necessary to assess some aspects: measurements, functionality, and design. First, it is essential to consider that the countertop must be made of a noble, firm, and resistant material: granite, marble, agglomerate, wood, etc. The possibilities are multiple; it is all a matter of choosing the format and color that most interests you to modernize the kitchen.

On the other hand, it is convenient to have the necessary measures. The passage areas should be at least 90 cm (the four corridors generated around the island). If you do not have this space, you can opt for a portable element as an island that serves as a food preparation surface. The bar height is the same as that of the kitchen countertops (87-90 cm), so it must be used with stools.

At the same time, it should be noted that if the island houses the hob, it will have a decorative hood above it. Depending on our interests, this can be recessed into the ceiling or be visible. It is also an ideal storage place; for this, nothing better than installing in the island drawers and furniture to organize kitchen accessories.


The island has a functional capacity and serves as a decorative complement to the kitchen furniture. Hence we must pay attention to its design, color, and format. Of course, the aesthetic line must be the same as the rest of the resources, but it must also offer an attractive, elegant, sophisticated design. In the end, it should invite personal enjoyment, especially if you want to open the kitchen to the living room.

Another essential aspect is the lighting. It must be very effective for safety and comfort. It is on the countertop where we are going to make our cooking recipes or where we also work. Why not place a stool where we can sit and take advantage of the island to perform personal tasks? In this sense, everything is convenient with adequate light to achieve greater functionality and thus have a practical, modern and beautiful kitchen.

To give you a broader idea of the different possibilities you can choose for your home, we bring you a selection of the best if you are thinking of adding an island to your kitchen.

Here are the list of Modern kitchen island with sink Decor Ideas :


Exposed brick, lots of steel and metal, and touches of wood for warmth. Here the island supports the work area, perfect for preparing food with a cantilevered countertop on the sides as a bar.

kitchen island with sink
Source : Pinterest


Modern style in all-white. Here the island accommodates the hob and the worktop overhangs the sides as a bar with stools. The extractor hood is hidden in the ceiling.

If you are going to reform the kitchen and you plan to install an island keep in mind what use you are going to give it to plan the outlets, gas, water, and everything else you need to bring to the center of the kitchen.

kitchen island with sink
Project, signed by Mireia Pla from Vuong Interiorismo studio.


Detail of the overhanging countertop on the island. This solution is one of the most used in kitchens with islands to create a fast food bar. The reason that the countertop flies is to attach without problems the legs underneath. A model is typical of comfortable and familiar kitchens.

Source : Mireia Pla from Vuong Interiorismo.


The island with hob and decorative campaign. At one end is attached the dining table. All in white, steel and gray touches. The island combines storage furniture on one side and open shelves on the other.

Source : Esther Manso.

5. Contrast

A kitchen where the chromatic contrasts have been worked. The island does not hinder the passage, helps to have more work space and can be an ideal place to eat every day.

Source : Mint Images


You should remember to install an island in the kitchen, and the floor plan must have enough space.
In this project by Estudio Blob, the cooktop has been installed on the island, next to a built-in fryer.


When there is space, a maxi island can accommodate the sink, the hob, and space for food preparation, as in this case. In the lower part are drawers, furniture, and even a wine cabinet.

source : Punto Suspensivo.


In this case, the island is located between the kitchen work area and the dining room. It has been played with two finishes, dark on the front of furniture and wood on the island. The island houses the cooking area and helps to keep the kitchen tidy. The floor also delimits the space.

Source : Meritxell Ribé


Modern office space kitchen interior interior kitchen counter, kitchen cabinet, shelf, bar stools, led light, white ceiling, and decoration template for copy space render Experience Interiors.
A minimalist island where straight lines and simplicity triumph. It is characterized by its white countertop that contrasts, in turn, with the black. The stools look great for turning into a work or dining space.


Very modern: furniture (without handles) in high gloss red and white worktop. Appliances and plinths in steel.

In this case the island is practically the same size as the front in front of the window. The result is a kitchen in red, white and steel.

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